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Quaoar Earrings are part of the collection “What about Mars?”. Quaoar is an Asteroid from Kuiper, the most important Belt of Asteroids in the Solar System.

Because they are made out of aluminum, all our earrings are very lightweight, preventing discomfort and injury.

My Astronomy Jewelry Line called "What about Mars?", takes attributes of planets and asteroids as a starting point to design necklaces, earrings, and the Sun Ring. This line was AWARDED the Official Argentine Good Design Hallmark, by the Industry Department of Argentina.


Anodized aluminum and 925 silver posts.


Los Pendientes Quaoar forman parte de la colección “What about Mars?”. Quaoar es un asteroide de Kuiper, el cinturón de asteroides más importante del Sistema Solar.

Debido a que están hechos de aluminio, todos nuestros aretes son muy livianos, lo que evita molestias y lesiones.

Mi Línea de Joyas de Astronomía llamada "¿Y Marte?", toma atributos de planetas y asteroides como punto de partida para diseñar collares, aros, y se completa con el Anillo del Sol.


Aluminio anodizado y plata 925.

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